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Our source of inspiration for the creation of each of our garments is the purity and naturalness of the Latin woman. Her strength and power of seduction.


The primordial base for us, is to create garments that fit you and not you to them, that are part of your style, that help you to reflect your confidence, sensuality and freshness.


We are sure that in every place in the world there is a woman with a beach soul; a pure, free and seductive soul like the sea. Souls that transmit and inspire freshness and subtlety, that are not afraid of high tides because they know that everything that goes up must come down. They are the ones who carry calm in their soul.


Each and every one of the beach souls who are living near the sea or those who are far away but always have time and space for an escape to paradise; each and every one of them have a place reserved in our beach heart called Punta Palma.


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